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Cotton-like polyester

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Cotton-like polyester
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Cotton-like polyester is a type of polyester staple fibre with a similar thread density and length to cotton. It is mainly used in cotton blends and workwear
Name: Specification
Cotton-like polyester: 40 Support Full dull
40 Support Semi dull
32 Support Semi dull

Benefits of Choosing Us

Hangzhou Jianshun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd is famous Cotton-Like Polyester Manufacturer and factory in China. Established in January 2008, Jianshun has more than 100 employees, covers an area of about 30,000 square meters and has an annual output of 60,000 tons, with three workshops: spinning, stretching and machine wrapping. We mainly produce nylon covered yarn, polyester covered yarn, nylon POY/FDY, colored high elasticity yarn and other products, which are mainly used for sportswear, men's wear, women's wear and so on. We custom make and OEM Polyester Cotton-Like Yarn.

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    Extensive experience

    We are the yarn manufacturer with more than 10 years experience in R&D, production and selling of various yarns.

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    Strict quality standards

    Our products have attained the ISO9001 quality system, got OEKO-TEX Standard 100 ecological textile certification, and Global Recycled standard certification.

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    Adequate production capacity

    We have more than 400 sets of different machines.

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    Complete production equipment

    We have more than 200 sets of twisting machines and 9 warping machines. Like POY spinning equipment, texturing machine, drawing machine, twisting machine and warping machine Among them.

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    We have own R&D center and test center.

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    Professional service

    We have an experienced foreign trade team to provide customers with thoughtful services.

Manufacturing Base

Jianshun's high-end chemical fiber and new textile materials are exported to more than 80 countries and regions, establishing a good international image of "winning with quality and leading with technology".
Jianshun pays attention to environmental protection and has made great achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction. It has passed the ISO environmental management system certification and the European green environmental protection certification. It is the first to implement the reclaimed water reuse project in the same industry in China and build a national green factory in the industry. We also wholesale Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn and roll in bulk. Feel free to contact us and get free samples.

Industry Information

What are the advantages of using Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn compared to natural cotton yarn in terms of durability and longevity?

Using Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn offers several advantages over natural cotton yarn in terms of durability and longevity. Here are some of the key advantages:

1.Greater Strength: Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn is generally stronger and more durable than natural cotton yarn. Polyester fibers have higher tensile strength, meaning they can withstand greater pulling forces without breaking. This makes the yarn less prone to tearing or fraying, resulting in increased durability and longevity.

2.Enhanced Resistance to Abrasion: Polyester fibers in Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn exhibit excellent resistance to abrasion. They can withstand rubbing and friction better than natural cotton fibers, which tend to wear down more easily. This abrasion resistance makes the yarn suitable for applications that require frequent use or exposure to friction, such as upholstery, workwear, and outdoor textiles.

3.Reduced Shrinkage: Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn has significantly lower shrinkage compared to natural cotton yarn. Polyester fibers have minimal shrinkage properties, whereas cotton fibers can shrink when exposed to heat and moisture. Using Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn ensures that the fabric or garment maintains its shape and size, even after repeated washing or exposure to high temperatures.

4.Excellent Color Retention: Polyester fibers have superior color retention capabilities compared to natural cotton fibers. Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn resists fading and retains its vibrant colors for a longer time, even with exposure to sunlight, washing, or harsh chemicals. This makes it suitable for applications where colorfastness is important, such as apparel, home textiles, and outdoor fabrics.

What are the different finishes and treatments that can be applied to Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn to enhance its cotton-like characteristics and performance?

Several finishes and treatments can be applied to Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn to enhance its cotton-like characteristics and performance. Here are some common ones:

1.Softening Finish: A softening finish is applied to the yarn to improve its softness and mimic the luxurious feel of natural cotton. It helps reduce the inherent stiffness of polyester fibers, resulting in a yarn that is more pleasant to touch and wear.

2.Hydrophilic Finish: A hydrophilic or moisture-wicking finish is used to enhance the moisture absorption and breathability of Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn. This treatment allows the yarn to effectively absorb and release moisture, making it more comfortable to wear in humid conditions and during physical activities.

3.Anti-Pilling Treatment: Pilling, the formation of small fabric pills or balls, can be a concern with polyester fibers. Anti-pilling treatments are applied to Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn to minimize pilling and maintain the fabric's smooth appearance over time.

4.Antistatic Treatment: Polyester fibers can generate static electricity, causing discomfort and attracting dust and lint. Antistatic treatments are employed to reduce static build-up in Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn, making it more comfortable to wear and easier to maintain.

5.UV Protection Finish: Exposure to sunlight can cause fading and degradation of polyester fibers. UV protection finishes are used to enhance the yarn's resistance to UV rays, ensuring that the fabric retains its color and structural integrity when exposed to sunlight.

6.Dyeing and Printing: Cotton-Like Polyester Yarn can be dyed using various techniques to achieve a wide range of colors and patterns. Dyeing processes, such as solution dyeing or yarn dyeing, can be employed to impart vibrant and long-lasting colors to the yarn. Additionally, printing techniques, such as screen printing or digital printing, can be used to apply patterns or designs onto the yarn.